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30 Day Diet-Guide for soon-to-be Brides

30 Day Diet-Guide
Your mind and heart must be running through innumerable emotions once you know your 'big day' is approaching you within few days. The tight schedule doesn’t allow you to take a proper diet or focus completely on the well-being of your body. It’s your time to look best and notice the jaw-dropping reaction of the crowd. Unfortunately, most of the...

Redefine Your Eating Habits with Yoga

Redefine Your Eating Habits With Yoga
The state of being grossly fat diminishes one’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Feeling of being overweight may lead to depression, and depression may lead to further weight gain. All these adversely affect joyful living and positive relationships. Not being able to take charge of our weighty parameters can be frustrating. Obesity isn’t always just a physical issue or manifestation. Reductive, clinical...

Kick start Your Day with a ‘fruit’ful breakfast

Fruitful Breakfast
Sometimes, even the simplest change can have a profound effect on our health and lifestyle. Starting your day in a healthy way is one of them. Some of us skip breakfast with intentions to lose weight and be fit. Right? But hang on, that’s a bad idea and it can backfire. To skip our meals, especially breakfast, actually makes...

Thanksgiving Special: Bring ‘A Healthy Meal’ to your table

It’s Thanksgiving and you want your dinner table to look perfect and appealing. Understood! While you can re-work on your checklist, choosing what to include in the meal can leave you puzzled, especially if there is a stroke survivor in your family. This could arouse curiosity - "How to prevent the signs of another stroke during Thanksgiving?”. Well, it...

Fight out Weight Gain after Stroke, make these Dietary Changes

diet for stroke patients
Over the years, gaining weight has emerged as a longer term consequence following a stroke. It is not hidden that an inactive lifestyle after a stroke is the culprit here, leaving any stroke survivor feeling overwhelmed. While some motor functions may take time to rehabilitate, obesity doesn’t have to be a coping issue during your stroke recovery. Whether you’re trying...

Anti-Stroke Foods – A Quick Checklist

Anti-stroke Foods
Recovering from a health condition like stroke requires one to embrace healthy habits and lifestyle changes. While there are therapies and medications to boost up the recovery process, it largely depends on your eating habits too. Food choices that you make today can help you reduce the risk of high blood pressure, obesity and high cholesterol. Here are foods...