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Parkinson’s Fighters can take a step ahead with Laser-equipped shoes

Laser-equipped shoes
To deal with freezing in Parkinson’s calls for extensive care along with other symptoms that need attention too. Now that there have been many technological advancements in the recent times, one can possibly count on the latest addition, i.e., laser shoes to combat the gait issue, so that a Parkinson’s patient can walk with balance. Not being able to...

Dance – A Moving Therapy for People with Parkinson’s

Life with Parkinson’s can be physically challenging and emotionally demanding. Patients often complain about the slowness of movement and stiffness in muscles and joints. Besides, difficulty with gait and balance is also noticed in the patients that restrict them from walking straight, resulting in frequent falls. What if there is a way to curb down these challenges and combat...

Dogs can help People with Parkinson’s. Here’s How

Dogs can help People with Parkinson’s
Parkinson’s, being a chronic illness, calls for extensive care. The ongoing studies have detailed out many modern techniques to combat the disease including pet therapy which could place things right in order for PD fighters. For people with Parkinson’s, pets could be a practical help. Service dogs or Mobility Assistance Dogs can help their owner maintain walking, or alert...