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How It Works

9zest Stroke Rehab aims to enhance the quality of life by leveraging Neuroplasticity principles. By utilizing Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Therapy, Yoga and Meditation, 9zest not only reduces the rehabilitation cost, but also makes the world class therapy available to you, right at home.
Choose the symptom(s) that you want to reduce
Fill in the Assessment to help 9zest SmartTM design a personalized program
Progress MeterTM
Take fitness tests after every 4th week to track your progress
Re-attempt Assessment test to receive revised workouts

Holistic Care

Strength & Mobility
Improve strength, balance and posture, reduce fall.
Strength & Mobility
Speech Intelligibility, Articulation Skill and Voice
Improve fine motor movement
9zest Stroke Rehab Goals Screen
Improve oro-motor, swallow and facial functions
Anxiety & Sleep
Anxiety & Sleep
Pranayama, Meditation & Visualization
Pain Management
Pain Management
Knee Pain, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain

Uplifting Feedback

US National Institute of Health
There is strong evidence for PT interventions favoring intensive high repetitive task-oriented and task-specific training in all phases post stroke. Effects are mostly restricted to the actually trained functions and activities. Suggestions for prioritizing PT stroke research are given.
US National Institute of Health


Easy To Use

Start in 3 simple steps! Exercise through easy to follow, audio-video sessions.

Anytime, Anywhere

Workout at home or take it with you on the go!

9zest Smart AI

Caters to specific needs and capacities of the user; provides a safe program that is challenging yet interesting.

Goal-Focused Tracking

Track your process so that you are well informed and well equipped to deal with each symptom.

Coach Connect

Be able to connect with a certified therapist who can help you make the most of your therapy program.

12k+ Exercise Videos

A comprehensive library of workout videos to tackle every nuance and challenges associated with a condition.

Success Stories

Watch how 9zest Stroke Rehab helped Meenu in getting back to an independent life after stroke. Know more about such people who have experienced speedy post-stroke recovery, using 9zest Stroke Rehab App.
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