About 9zest

9zest is the only tele-rehab platform that offers holistic, cost-effective and anytime-anywhere Therapy for debilitating conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, Stroke and Chronic Pain. Using a holistic health regimen to bring people back to their functional lives, 9zest has designed a suite of App-based rehabilitation solutions. All these solutions harness proven principles of Neuroplasticity to provide ‘at home’ therapy, combining Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Meditation and Yoga, holistically.

The company is founded by Manoj Agarwala, based on his personal experience as a Parkinson’s fighter. When Manoj was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2013, getting the right therapy was the biggest challenge. Conventional therapies were very expensive and insured sessions were limited. The idea of “prescribed” and “holistic” tele-therapies was hatched when the progression of the disease was reversed under the guidance of an expert therapist in 2015.

9zest Solution

While economical, anywhere-anytime quality therapy is something hard to get under one roof, 9zest’s holistic solutions overcome many of the barriers faced by Parkinson’s fighters and stroke survivors such as high rehabilitation cost and need to drive or arrange transportation to the Therapy Center. 9zest leverages mobile platforms to deliver the personalized, ‘at home’ therapy sessions designed by licensed therapists, Yoga trainers and meditation experts.

9zest Advantage

All 9zest apps access over 12,000 expert-recommended workouts to create individualized therapy program. To address associated symptoms, each exercise video features safety tips, easy to follow demonstration, workout timer and frequency counter. Many of these exercises can be adjusted as per the difficulty and disability levels. Additionally, a user can schedule his workouts at a particular time interval and day of the week.

Our Team