30 Day Diet-Guide for soon-to-be Brides

30 Day Diet-Guide

Your mind and heart must be running through innumerable emotions once you know your ‘big day’ is approaching you within few days. The tight schedule doesn’t allow you to take a proper diet or focus completely on the well-being of your body. It’s your time to look best and notice the jaw-dropping reaction of the crowd.

Unfortunately, most of the magazine articles guide you to sleep minimum 8 hours in the night, drink more than 10 glasses of water in a day, join aerobics and god knows what. But do you really have enough time to attempt all of this.

Indeed, starving whole day and hitting the gym for hours won’t help you much in the last days. Luckily, you need not fret any longer as we have got something simpler for you. Your 30 days diet plan follows:


You need to kick-start your day with consuming two glasses of room temperature water (on an empty stomach). Make sure you always stay hydrated by drinking lots of water until you get to the breakfast and never skip green tea which is a secret for the slim and trim body.

For breakfast, pick any of the following combinations:

  • Oats with skimmed milk
  • One small bowl cereal (preferably broken wheat) with skimmed milk
  • One or two boiled egg whites with one toast (whole wheat bread)
  • Brown bread with veggies

The breakfast must include something which contains less or no oil. Luckily, these items are oil-free and good at making you feel light and happy.

If you take your breakfast around 9 AM, have a fruit of your choice in between. As an alternative, you can have yogurt or fistful of nuts (Almonds and Walnuts) when you feel starved during the mid-morning hours.

Lunch and Evening Snack

You must add loads of veggies to your lunch once again. Avoid having junk food during lunch. Along with the main course, consume salad but without mayo and a glass of buttermilk. As an evening snack, you can eat a fruit or a glass of vegetable juice. A low fat vegetable sandwich can also be a good alternative.


Dinner is an important part of any diet plan because sleeping empty stomach can lead to low energy or other digestive problems. It would be recommended not to skip your dinner, rather go for a light meal. We suggest you eat:

  • Raw vegetable salad
  • Soup with a small portion of a salad with little or no dressing
  • A piece of chicken or fish (strictly for non-vegans)

We hope you’ll find it useful and do exercise at least for 30 minutes in a day if you get some time. You can have a fruit (an apple/orange/papaya or a banana), 30 mins before the workout. As a thumb rue, do not bathe within one hour of any meal.

Trust us, if you start your diet today, you will definitely look like a million dollar bride on your big day.


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