Redefine Your Eating Habits with Yoga

Redefine Your Eating Habits With Yoga

The state of being grossly fat diminishes one’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Feeling of being overweight may lead to depression, and depression may lead to further weight gain. All these adversely affect joyful living and positive relationships. Not being able to take charge of our weighty parameters can be frustrating.

Obesity isn’t always just a physical issue or manifestation. Reductive, clinical types will tell you to “just move more and eat less!” But if treatment were really that simple and straight-forward, we’d again, not be in the midst of an obesity epidemic. So, it’s clear: we’re fighting the wrong war here. That is why the psychological causes and effects of obesity have remained largely untreated so far. This is where yoga shows unprecedented promise as a movement discipline.

Yoga helps you be more aware of your body’s needs

At this point, we’d be re-missing if we didn’t mention that losing weight is also largely a process of changing your diet. To make impressive changes in your body composition, we recommend a consistent, high energy yoga practice, and the appropriate dietary and lifestyle refinements. The good news: pursuing a yoga practice might help you to make those dietary and lifestyle refinements organically.

Diet (along with physical activity) plays a very important role in managing Obesity. To have an effective weight loss, one needs to balance calories by exercising right and eating right as well. For long-term weight management, it is important to pay attention to calories consumed and the kind of food consumed.

With practicing Yoga, you’ll be more aware of what your body needs. You’ll be more mindful about food. You’ll be better able to distinguish hunger cues from cravings. You’ll eat because you need to, instead of eating out of stress. You’ll stop eating when you feel satisfied, instead of waiting to feel full. You’ll eat to support your activities (performance), instead of dieting for fat loss, which can be psychologically damaging.

Yoga helps you recognize ‘Diet-Body’ connection

Many people find that just by taking on a yoga practice their diet organically cleans itself up. They begin to prefer foods that best support a yoga practice. Because you can’t eat a Chipotle burrito and guzzle down 12 ounces of soda and expect to practice yoga comfortably…or at all.

But the point we want to make here is that weight loss goes beyond calories in and calories out. Losing weight isn’t just about moving more and eating less or better. You also have to address what’s going on in your mind and how that’s impacting your everyday behavior.  Because when you’re bound to the restrictions of your mind, your body is not healthy. And when you’re bound by the restrictions of your body, your mind is not healthy.

When you become more connected to your body with Pranayama, you’ll be more aware of how your body feels throughout the day. This self-awareness can cause a shift in the way you choose your food. If you’re someone who struggles with weight, you might end up self-medicating by choosing foods that spike your endorphins (happy hormone).


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