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Real People, Motivational Stories

Stories of People with Parkinson’s

We interviewed the unsung heroes who battled Parkinson’s to purge its syndromes. Their efforts and outcomes are presented in their own words to encourage the rest of us.

Ron Brooks

“I was happily enjoying my life with my regular job. However after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, I had to take an early...

How did PD impact your life and what did you do to deal with it?

I was happily enjoying my life with my regular job. After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, I had to take an...

Sandy Olsen

“There will be many changes and challenges, but with movement and positive attitude, you can achieve anything”...

How do you keep yourself active with this condition?

I do yoga 4-5 times a week. The Parkinson's movement Yoga class that I take includes voice, balance, coordination and breath control. I also box once a week...

Margaret Roberts Kypreos

“It made me realize that we should not take life for granted. It can change with a few words. For me, it was You have Parkinson's”...

What message would you like to give to people in Parkinson’s community?

Never give up.....because when you give up it only gets worse. My second message is to have a support structure around...

Navin Kumar

“I refuse to let Parkinson's control me. I CHOOSE to control my Parkinson's by staying physically active. Playing table tennis”...

Can you tell us about your efforts that would encourage other people with Parkinson's?

I refuse to let Parkinson's control me. I CHOOSE to control my Parkinson's. I control my Parkinson's by staying...


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Benefits of 9zest PD Therapy Program

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    Well researched exercise protocols designed specifically to reduce parkinson’s symptoms
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    “9zest Smart” artificial intelligence engine trained to deliver best expert advice
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    Our audio/video workout sessions are designed to deliver the experience of working out with a real physical therapist
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    Workout from the convenience of your home or wherever you are -anywhere, anytime
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    Available on all Smart Phones – Android (Samsung,LG etc), iPhone and iPad
  • 9zest PD Therapy app is also catering to Parkinsonism or Parkinson’s Plus conditions like Multiple system atrophy (MSA), Progressive supranuclear palsy(PSP), Corticobasal degeneration and Dementia with Lewy bodies.

Whether you are in your early stage of Parkinson's or advanced

we've got you covered

Physical Therapy and Yoga under one umbrella

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    Helps improve motor functions like balance, posture, cordination etc.

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    Helps improve brain health and regulates blood supply

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    Personalized physical therapy program tailored to match your condition, comfort and needs

Hand Exercise
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    Helps promote relaxation of mind as well as muscle

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    Helps bring physiological strength and physical strength

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    Personalized yoga sessions based on your comfort, condition and needs

Parkinson's Survey

9zest launched PD Therapy app for Parkinson’s (PD) patients. To improve it further,we are conducting this survey to understand the workout and physical therapy needs of PD patients. Your input will help us prioritize what is important to you.

What People Are Saying About Us?

Don’t just Take Our Word on it, Let Our Members do the Talking

  • mennu

    Online sessions helped Meenu recover from Stroke

    I started working with my 9zest therapist, Deepak, online via Skype since May 2016. Working with Deepak has been nothing short of a blessing for me. I came to know of these online therapy sessions a few months after my hemorrhagic stroke. After the initial assessment, Deepak very accurately gauged my progress post stroke,  Read more..

    Meenu Tiwari, Chantilly, VA, US
    Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Parkinson's

    Ms. Dwivedi’s shoulder and knee pain almost vanished in 2 sessions of Physical therapy

    I had been suffering from Shoulder and Knee pain for quite some time and I did not think it could get better at my age. My first session with 9zest made a huge difference to my condition. In just one session, I could feel the relief from pain and after the next few, the stiffness was gone Read more..

    Ms Indu Dwivedi
    Knee and shoulder pain management
  • Damon

    How Damon improved his fitness levels

    I just wanted to take a quick moment to say how great it has been having an online personal trainer. I had some bad back pain and was a bit out of shape despite biking to work once or twice a week (16 mile round trip) and walking back and forth the other days to Read more..

    Damon Kitterman
    Fitness Training
  • Alpana

    See how Alpana Improved her Fitness levels in just 1 and a half month of online training

    I don't think I could have ever found better method for working out, than doing it with 9zest. 9zest has provided me with flexibility, convenience, and affordability. Sneha has been an amazing Fitness trainer for me. I do all kinds of exercises targeting each part Read more..

    Alpana Hansaria
    Fitness Training
  • Jim Redmond

    Really like the exercise demonstrations. Very easy to follow.
    Read more..

    Jim Redmond
    PD Therapy app user
  • Sandy Oslen

    I love the countdown and the water breaks.
    Read more..

    Sandy Oslen
    PD Therapy app user
  • Lee Wiegand

    Easy to use. Motivational. Good encouragement given during exercises.
    Read more..

    Lee Wiegand
    PD Therapy app user

Physical therapy and yoga can help reverse Parkinson's and slow down its progression

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9zest offers unconditional money back guarantee. If you do not experience any improvement in your condition or are not satisfied with the program for any reason, you can claim for refund by the end of 12th week.

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