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8 Ways to Beat Chronic Pain During a Stressful Week

Beat Chronic Pain
With the arrival of a busy, chaotic working week, it’s natural to have many things on the checklist and no time to relax. Little do we know this could be very critical time for those suffering from chronic pain. Anxiety and stress impact the central nervous system, which causes muscular tension, and pain that generally radiates in the back,...

‘9zest Experience’ Now Available on Web

9zest Experience
9zest recently launched the web version for 9zest Parkinson’s Therapy, 9zest Stroke Rehab and 9zest FixHealth. The web version will allow 9zest users to workout via a web browser. This implies that the same 9zest experience will be available on a bigger screen, i.e., desktop, laptop and Smart TV (using Chromecast, Roku, etc.). This also means 9zest therapeutic solutions now...

Ditch Stress and Chronic Pain this Holiday Season

Chronic Pain
The most awaited time of the year is, once again, around the corner. There is a lot of preparation that goes into having delightful reunions with family and friends. Among the tree getting trimmed, the fireplace being set up and decorations draped all around the place, things can get really overwhelming. Whether you are destined to accomplish all these...

Standing against the wall – Correct your posture, right at home

Standing against the wall
Whether you are standing, sitting or lying down, good posture ensures that none of your body parts is overstressed. Because posture affects how we walk, run, jump and lift weights, having it corrected makes our body look and feel good. However, with many of us having desk jobs, postural issues like 'Forward Head Posture' and 'Upper Crossed Syndrome' have become...

4 Reasons to Embrace Yoga for Combating Chronic Pain

Yoga for chronic pain
Mindful Yoga is a way of inculcating awareness. Awareness towards ourselves, our minds, our bodies and much more. Research has shown that different disciplines of Yoga have yielded beneficial results for a range of chronic ailments including chronic pain. Mind-body practice like Yoga seems to exert a protective effect on brain’s Gray matter that counteracts the neuroanatomical effects of chronic...

Understanding Chronic Pain – A Layman’s Perspective

Chronic Pain
It is okay to feel occasional aches and pains. In fact, sudden pain is your nervous system’s signal to alert you about a possible injury. However, chronic pain is far different and serious from such pain. Even after an injury heals, your body may continue to send pain signals to your brain due to chronic pain. This can last...