Alternative treatments after stroke recovery are gaining popularity worldwide. They offer a gentle way to heal your brain without the potential side effects of pharmaceuticals. If used holistically, these methods can help a stroke survivor achieve optimal individualized recovery. Here are 4 alternative therapies that can be used as tools to help you on the road back to wellness after stroke.

1 – Get back to your Healthy Self with Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy plays an important role in bringing people back to their functional lives after stroke. A physical therapist designs a personalized therapy program through extensive evaluation of the stroke survivor’s symptoms.

Benefits at a Glance

⦁ Improves mobility and motion
⦁ Restores or regains functionality
⦁ Reduces and eliminates pain
⦁ Promotes improved strength and flexibility
⦁ Improves motor functions – balance, posture, coordination

2 – Improve Speech Competency with Speech Therapy

With Speech Therapy (ST)  program, stroke survivors are able to resolve speech-swallowing issues and improve their existing speech competency. A well-structured speech program aims at increasing loudness, improving the clarity of speech, and increasing inflection over the sentence. To look after excessive saliva and swallowing problems, a comprehensive ST program can be designed.

Benefits at a Glance

⦁ Improves coordination of speech muscles
⦁ Improves communication between the brain and the body
⦁ Instills intelligible and fluent speech
⦁ Improves swallowing function
⦁ Improves vocal quality

3 – Live Each Day to the fullest with Occupational Therapy

Impaired physical mobility after stroke poses difficult challenges in the lives of many. Occupational Therapy (OT) program enables people to perform Activities of Daily Living (ADL) by improving fine motor movements so that they live each day to the fullest. Based on an extensive user assessment, an occupational therapist designs a personalized OT program to ensure that even stroke survivors with highly impaired physical mobility benefit from therapeutic rehabilitation.

Benefits at a Glance

⦁ Assists in mobility and performing daily tasks
⦁ Improves trunk rotation
⦁ Increases stride length
⦁ Improves dual tasking
⦁ Improves handwriting

4 – Find Inner Peace with Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and Meditation are linked to a host of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits after stroke. With structured Yoga and Meditation sessions, you can find inner peace and lead a stress-free life.

Expert-designed yoga sessions energize, strengthen, and calm the body and hence help to improve sleep and reduce stress and anxiety. Additionally, meditation can be used to reduce the stroke survivors’ cortisol levels, boosting the immune function of their body.

Benefits at a Glance

⦁ Rejuvenates minds for improved focus
⦁ Regulates blood pressure
⦁ Reduces stress and anxiety levels
⦁ Benefits immune system
⦁ Promotes improved mood and emotional stability




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