We're in It Together!

I started with 9zest soon after being diagnosed with Parkinson's though I must have been affected by it for some months before. I had limited movement down most my right side and couldn't move my head to look to the right, I had a stoop and found walking any kind of distance difficult so as a result I was considering giving up driving. I suppose like many I had given in to the despair of having an incurable progressive disease. I started the programme using the app to target my worst affected areas and used the intensity adjustment to gradually increase the time and numbers of each exercise.

I won't pretend it was easy, I persevered and used the progress testing part of the app to judge my progress. It has taken some effort and perseverance to do the exercise programme every day, but the results are incredible! I now have freedom of movement down the whole of my body. I sleep better and enjoy walking again, thank you 9zest you have helped me back to a better life and though I know it isn't a cure, it has given me back my self confidence and freedom.
John E Huggins
Parkinson's Therapy
These people actually understand stroke and what it takes to recover. Best stroke recovery app ever. Fantastic support from these folks. The exercise sessions are therapists guided and well presented, easy to follow. I will be recommending this app to all my stroke Buddies.
Mary Matthews
Stroke Rehabilitation
I started working with my 9zest therapist, Deepak, online via Skype in May 2016. Working with Deepak has been nothing short of a blessing for me. I came to know of these online therapy sessions a few months after my hemorrhagic stroke. After the initial assessment, Deepak very accurately gauged my progress post stroke, and we started off on a journey together from there. He came up with a plan of exercises for me that steadily helped me get stronger and eliminate my deficits. He is always encouraging, patient and optimistic which has helped me make a good recovery. I am able to do many day to day activities like using a knife while cooking, holding heavy objects with my affected left arm, buttoning, stitching or walking more smoothly. In short, I am on my way to living a better life. All thanks to Deepak.
Meenu Tiwari
Stroke Rehabilitation
Simple and effective. Ability to program the duration of the session and type (mobility, agility, sleep etc ...). To recommend
Laurence Rondeau
Parkinson’s Therapy
I started my exercises in October 2016 and now 7 months later it is getting a lot easier. I'm walking much better and I can put my arm right up above my head with my hand relaxed, and my arm straight. And my hand is more relaxed in general now and I'm not so tired. I became a bit of rigid and discouraged after stroke, but with these exercises, I can get up and sit down easier now; I'm also volunteering one day a week at the vegetable shop on the till. So, all in all, it's been really good for me and I can see improvements everywhere so I shall keep doing them for the foreseeable future.
Richard Fussell
Stroke Rehabilitation
I feel like the workouts are customized to my needs and easy to understand and do. Very helpful.
Debbie Reflor
Parkinson’s Therapy
I have been taking walk test and 360 degree turn regularly. I have some improvement in my condition. Demo videos are helpful and exercises are easy to follow. I recommend it.
Matthew Williams
Parkinson’s Therapy
Very efficient app to understand my condition, Really helpful. Highly recommended.
Noah Johnson
Stroke Rehabilitation
I just wanted to take a quick moment to say how great it has been having an online personal trainer. I had some bad back pain and was a bit out of shape despite biking to work once or twice a week (16-mile round trip) and walking back and forth the other days to the metro (2 miles per day) plus going to a chiropractor and a massage therapist once a month. Driving long distance or long flights were a bit of a torture. I've been using 9zest therapy for quite some time now. My coach (we do sessions at home through Skype) has been awesome.

One of the flaws in the way we tend to focus our workouts in the US is that men tend to focus too much on the parts like chest, shoulders and biceps. With Lesme, we focused more on core exercises that are a critical foundation of the body. Despite biking regularly, I was really sore after doing squats the first time. I started small. My exercise regime did not include the quarter squats we see everyone doing at the gym with big weights. These were small weights, lighter dumbbells (10-15 pounds) but proper form....all the way down, touch your butt to the floor, all the way up, higher repetitions. We also did deadlifts for the back (light weights) push-ups (better than bench pressing because it works your whole body) and lunges.

Within a month of working out once a week with Lesme, in addition to my normal biking and walking, my back pain was gone. I drove to Michigan last month with no back pain issues, all with light weight workouts. Oh, and I lost some weight too. The other awesome thing about an online personal trainer is that having an appointment and someone waiting for me makes it much less likely for me to skip my workout. I can do it at home which means I don't have to find someone to watch the kids and I don't have to drive back and forth from the gym too
Damon Kitterman
Fitness Training
Really like the exercise demonstrations. Very easy to follow.
Jim Redmond
Easy to use. Motivational. Good encouragement given during exercises.
Lee Wiegand
I had been suffering from shoulder and knee pain for quite some time and I did not think it could get better at my age. I had to take a break from gardening as it was not possible for me to continue at that time. My first session with 9zest made a huge difference to my condition. In just one session, I could feel the relief from pain and after the next few, the stiffness was gone and I had a full range of movement. My therapist at 9zest worked with me and evolved my exercise routine and that has given me these fantastic results. Thanks to you 9zest, I have resumed my gardening again!
Ms. Indu Dwivedi
Knee and Shoulder Pain Management
My journey with 9zest as a fitness instructor has been very unique. I am Coach Lesme, an IFPA Certified Fitness Trainer, and Nutritionist. Working with 9zest has been a great opportunity for me to help out those who want to achieve their fitness goals in life. Be it weight loss, muscle gain, toning, functionality, or just being active in daily routine, I help individuals achieve maximum with their goals. We hit target goals on point and have fun at the same time. It is a pleasure working with great people at 9zest.
Lesme Dulfo Jr.
9zest Fitness Coach
I don't think I could have ever found a better method for working out than doing it with 9zest. 9zest has provided me flexibility, convenience, and affordability. Sneha has been an amazing fitness trainer for me. I do all kinds of exercises targeting each part of my body with her. I would recommend this facility to everyone, who is in need of either weight training, or disease management.
Alpana Hansaria
Fitness Training
Several sessions later, training with Sneha has become a ritual, one that I cannot do without. I would like to mention her patience and her encouraging words which have helped me complete some difficult circuits. She's also helped me improve my diet in addition to losing inches and developing a stronger core. With all the positives outlined, it's only fair that I mention the one and only negative. There is absolutely no cheating allowed in her class! You get rewarded with a few extra / tougher workout if you cheat. Keep up the great work, Sneha! Your passion for your profession is unmatched.
Geetha Venkataramani
Fitness Training
I love the countdown and the water breaks.
Sandy Oslen