Use Your Senses for a Restful Sleep

Senses for a Restful Sleep

A restful sleep not just relaxes your body but also pacifies your senses. People say that when they think of sleep the picture of their bedroom comes to their mind. Your bedroom is the place where you let yourself free and the sleep sensation cuddle you in its cozy embrace. Hence, giving the interiors of your bedroom the feel of a sanctuary of comfort and warmth is a must. By keeping in mind few easy steps, you can get a de-stressing sleep cycle that will not only keep the biological clock of your body right but also take care of those ‘uncalled’ mood swings.

1. Touch

The soft feathery touch of your bed sheet, blanket, cushion cover and the AC comforter does the task of a lullaby. If these are smooth on your skin, they ensure a relaxed sleep with no achy feel in the morning. Also, be choosy about the quality of the fabric when it comes to nightdresses.

2. Smell

The smell of your room partly decides how restful your sleep is going to be. Spray your favorite fragrance in your room or keep aromatic liquid diffusers at the corners to unwind your stressed out mind.

3. Sight

The light stimulus is an important factor in deciding your biological clock. Tune in your body to the natural sunlight cycle to have a regular sleep routine. When you allow the sunlight to wake you up (though you may find it irritating at first), you are actually in the state of a boon. This helps you in sleeping early at night without any disruption.

4. Sound

Even when you are asleep, your brain continues the basic function of processing the sound. The definition of noise can be different for everyone. Some like to sleep in silence, but there are many who are not easily affected by noise. You have to ensure that the noise that can be a disruptive element to your sleep is dealt with before you go to your bed.

5. Taste

Eat light to sleep tight! What you eat before going to sleep can be the deciding factor for your sleep intensity. Caffeine intake reverses the sleep cycle so as the heavy dinner affects your sleep by disturbing your digestive system.

Last but not the least, forget all your worries when it’s time to sleep. The next day you will have enough time to resume all your thoughts and worries. Pamper yourself by having a sound sleep that wakes you up fresh next morning.

This Blog is contributed by Dr. Rimpy kanwar. She has more than 8 years of working experience in the field of Physical Therapy. Her expertise lies in ortho-neuro and Pulmonary rehabilitation cases. 


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