9zest revolutionizes Individualized Healthcare


The need for individualized healthcare has always been felt among Parkinson’s disease (PD) fighters, stroke survivors and people with Chronic Pain. However, due to many financial and logistical hurdles, people tend to overlook individualized quality care.

Understating that each individual is unique, 9zest has re-engineered its app portfolio to empower people with neurological disorders and chronic pain. All three 9zest apps, Parkinson’s Therapy, Stroke Rehabilitation and FixHealth, have been redesigned for individualized user experience with many new, exciting features for app users to discover.

With launching paid versions of the app, 9zest has transformed the way neurological disorders and chronic pain has been treated for years. Just by paying one-fifth of the conventional therapy cost, mobile users are now empowered to receive expert-guided therapy anywhere, anytime.

All 9zest apps are reimagined from the ground up. Paid versions of the apps feature changes to smooth navigation and improved program structure. While there is a whole host of smaller but impactful UI changes, the most noteworthy additions include:

  • Holistic approach for managing Parkinson’s symptoms and Stroke Rehabilitation, using Physical Therapy, Occupation Therapy, Speech Therapy, Yoga and Medication 
  • Improved Assessment Tests to understand the user’s condition better
  • New goals of Dexterity, Speech and Swallowing for Parkinson’s fighters and Stroke survivors
  • Offline Mode for playing saved videos across apps
  • More Comprehensive Sleep Disorder and Anxiety Management module across apps
  • Enriched pool of exercises to 12,000+ workout videos

These apps strive to overcome many of the barriers faced by patients and their caregivers such as high rehabilitation cost and need to drive or arrange transportation to the Therapy Center. 

How new, improved apps work

All 9zest apps generate a personalized program that takes a holistic approach to manage the condition by combining Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Yoga and Meditation. The apps use 9zestSmartTM artificial intelligence engine and proprietary algorithm to design customized therapy protocol to meet the specific needs and disability level of the user.

The apps feature assessment of the condition though ProgressMeterTM to measure the improvement and prescribed therapy to help manage or reduce the symptoms of a specific condition. To keep users motivated and challenged, the therapy protocol is automatically updated based on progress made by the user.

These new, improved apps are available on Google Play and App Store for download.

9zest Parkinson’s Therapy

Google Play         App Store

9zest Stroke Rehab

Google Play         App Store

9zest FixHealth

Google Play         App Store

9zest is also working on a range of new features and product enhancements. To keep in touch with exciting new innovations from 9zest, sign up for the newsletter.

This Blog is contributed by Dr. Rimpy kanwar. She has more than 8 years of working experience in the field of Physical Therapy. Her expertise lies in ortho-neuro and Pulmonary rehabilitation cases. 


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