9 Best Home Recovery Tools for Stroke Rehab

Recovery Tools for Stroke Rehab

While alternative methods to rehabilitate from stroke have been around for years, some of the tools are becoming increasingly popular to assist stroke survivors in speedy recovery. If you’re trying exercising at home, below mentioned stroke rehab products are for you. They are affordable and can serve as a great support in your stroke rehab.

1 . Exercise Peddlers

Leg bikes are good for bilateral training and strengthening. If one leg is weaker than the other, the stronger leg can help support your affected leg. With the regular use of an electronic exercise peddler, your affected leg will get stronger.
Paddlers not just attempt to recover motor skills, but also improve cardiovascular health. As a thumb rule, always purchase good quality paddlers as cheaper bikes are often more difficult to pedal.

2 . Dumbbells

Dumbbells are commonly used for rebuilding upper extremity strength after stroke. Until you get strong enough to progress to heavier weights, you can use household items (like water bottles or soup cans) to replace lightweight dumbbells.

3 . Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are particularly useful for arms and shoulder exercises. A great stroke recovery tool for hands and fine motor skills, they can be used for bicep curls, shoulder presses, and much more.

4 . Ankle and Wrist Weights

To improve strength in affected leg, one can purchase some ankle weights to provide added resistance. To increase strength in the affected arm, wrist weights can be purchased as well. The added weight makes the stroke survivor’s muscles work harder, resulting in muscle strengthening.

5 . Stability Balls

If you’re trying to improve balance after stroke, then strengthening the core is essential. Stability balls help you do that. The ball delivers a powerful workout to improve core stability, posture, and muscle balance during stroke recovery.

6 . Arm Skates

These assistive equipment are designed more for flexibility training than strength training. If a stroke has left you with restricted range of motion, then arm skates can help introduce more movement into your affected arm.

7 . Balance Boards

Balance boards (tops that you can stand on) are an advanced stroke recovery tool. They are excellent to train the legs and core for full-body coordination after stroke. Be sure to use them in the presence of a caregiver.

8 . Tabletop Mirror

It’s no secret that Mirror Therapy gives Neuroplasticity a boost. It is a great way to improve hand movement when you have paralysis or severely impaired mobility. Place a mirror over your paralyzed limb to ‘trick’ your brain into thinking that you’re moving your affected muscles when it’s merely just a reflection.


9 . Therapy Putty

Therapy Putty is another popular hand therapy tool that can help improve fine motor coordination after stroke. Simply squishing the putty with your affected hand can help improve range of motion. Since it is affordable and portable, it is an ‘anytime, anywhere’ hand therapy tool.


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