5 Reasons Why You Should ‘Brisk Walk’

brisk walk

A small change in your routine can do wonders. And, brisk walk on a regular basis is the best way to do so. So if you have been inactive for quite some time or aren’t young enough to indulge in running (to improve your cardiovascular health), start brisk walking to pamper your health. Here, you don’t need to stretch beyond the acceptable limit during gym sessions. The duration and pace of walking have to be increased gradually to observe long-term but permanent health benefits. The benefits of brisk walk along with weight loss and a toned body are:

  1. Keeps blood pressure within the normal range and thus reduces the chance of heart attack and stroke. The brisk walk does the right thing by lowering the bad LDL cholesterol and increasing the level of the good one, that is, HDL cholesterol.
  2. The brisk walk is a perfect exercise for your heart and circulatory system. It increases the heartbeat and improves blood circulation to keep your body active all day long. The problem of leg pain in elderly people can be effectively cured with the regular brisk walk.
  3. The brisk walk is the key to getting high bone density with more strength. Walking increases the weight on joints and stimulates tissue growth to prevent the chance of diseases like arthritis and other old age problems.
  4. An early morning brisk walk in the sunshine helps in meeting the desired vitamin D level in your body and improves the immunity. Not to forget the morning brisk walk’s role in lifting your mood by exposing you to the bright sunlight that stands for positivity.
  5. It is also found in research that people who take the regular brisk walk are more immune to diseases like cold than those who avoid walks and exercise.

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Points to note

Brisk walking is certainly not strolling or walking at a moderate pace. It’s walking faster than both but not as fast as a full run. Walk with the right technique and at the right pace to see the effective changes. One of the techniques of the brisk walk for weight loss is longer walk sessions.

Research on lung function, body rhythms, temperature, and hormone levels strongly suggest the benefits of walking in the morning. If for any reason, you find brisk walking discomforting (though chances are very less), use your best judgments to stop or consult your doctor.


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