It won’t be wrong to say that motivation and the right attitude plays a key role in successful stroke recovery. If you don’t feel motivated, keeping up with the rehabilitation program will be a challenge. Result? The decreased participation and interest in the program may lead to depression of not getting back to the normal life.

Understanding the importance of motivation in stroke recovery, here are some inspirational quotes that can help you start your day with positive intentions. Let us know in the comments if you have a quote that deserves to be included in the list.

Life after stroke is filled with many obstacles, and sometimes, it seems impossible just to stay calm. But if you shift your focus from stroke, you’ll see that every day is another opportunity to change your life. A new day brings with it a chance to see the light shining through the clouds. So, next time you feel destined to break, remember, you might have to climb mountains and traverse a desert before you reach an oasis, but eventually, you will get there (achieve full functionality after stroke).

You can start afresh with each passing moment. It’s never too late to start working out to take charge of your health after a stroke. You can let go of whatever is holding you back, and start again. The present is not entirely entangled in the past, and your future is being created moment by moment. If you have been mired in doubt and hesitation due to physical impairments after stroke, this moment is absolutely new and you can move in the direction you want to go.

Imagine what your life would be like if you stopped blaming the stroke and took responsibility of your own life. Stroke Rehab gives you the tools you need to take control of your life after stroke and enjoy your life to the fullest. Your present circumstances don’t change the fact that life is a blessing, even after the stroke.

Life is about the unknown, implementing change. Though you don’t have control over yesterday, what you can do today will help you live with intention and change your life. The journey in between ‘what you once were’ and ‘who you are becoming’ is crucial. So, cherish every second chance life has given you.

This quote has a profound meaning. Everything that is free (good health in this context) is not valued by anyone. The lesson ‘life after stroke’ teaches us to realize the worth of everything. The harder you will work for your health, the more you’ll value it. If you aim to achieve full functionality after stroke, wear in mind that it will not be a smooth climb. It will mean more hard work but the result will be worth it.


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