9zest is celebrating Parkinson’s Awareness Month to address, discuss, and educate people about Parkinson’s challenges and its solutions. #IAmUnshaken is an effort by Team 9zest to connect with people with Parkinson’s to raise awareness about the disease through informational blogs, guides and interesting research findings.

  • Root Cause Analysis

    Understand Parkinson’s through a magnifying glass to gain better control on the disease

  • Self Help

    Life hacks and tips to deal with Parkinson’s challenges

  • Emotional Wellbeing

    A path to a worry-free mind starts here

  • Latest Research Studies

    Read what’s latest in the research front in Parkinson’s space

  • Emerging Treatments

    Know the best holistic solutions in Parkinson’s care

Emotional Wellbeing

Dealing with the Diagnosis

Learning that you have Parkinson’s can be a difficult experience. After your diagnosis, it’s normal to feel afraid and wonder how you would physically cope during the days ahead. Naturally, these feelings use up a lot of energy, which can make it even harder to absorb and understand all the medical information shared by the diagnosis team.

Grandparenting With Parkinson’s Disease

In a perfect world, all grandparents would be fit and strong. Ironically, many grandparents with Parkinson’s must cope with disabilities that make grandparenting a challenge. While there are no instructions as to what to do and what not to do, you can always rely on your experience to cope with the challenges posed by the disease and rise above them.

Emerging Treatments

With launching the world’s first Parkinson’s Therapy app, 9zest has transformed the way Parkinson’s symptoms have been managed for years. 9zest Parkinson’s Therapy app has been designed to deliver a research-driven solution with a library of over 12,000 workout videos.