Ortho-rehabilitations for Chronic Pains - Neck, Back, Shoulder, Knee, Ankle, Elbow, CTS, TKR, THR

Developed with the needs of today's chronic pain patients in mind to help you better manage their rehab process

Complete solution - Workouts, Outcome Measures, Educational Blogs

Create a care-plan by selecting a pre-built goal or a workout template or assemble your favorite set of exercises.

Technology Solution leveraging AI

Here's a care solution that fits your current need and evolves with the improvement in your patient's symptoms. Enable the patient to workout from your clinic or home or anywhere, using mobile, tablet or desktop.


AI-based SMART Exercise Plans

Template driven Customized Plans

In-Clinic App-assisted Audio-Video Sessions

Therapist-controlled Patient App

At-home App-assisted Audio-Video Sessions

Automated Compliance Reports

LIVE Video Conferencing (1-on-1 & Group)

In-built functional Progress Tests

Comprehensive Exercise Library

Multidisciplinary Approach

Automated Workout Scheduling & Reminders

Recommendation based on the Disability Level

Workout Variation and Intensity Tuning

Educational Blogs for Clients & Caregivers

Social Sharing

Less Documentation Burden

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